this is another movie that takes a humorous apporoach to explaining the dangers of technological dependancy that we are starting to see.


the age of stupid

futuristic cartoon

we watched part of this video in class and it is incredible how many ads are in the short movie, but in reality this only stands out to us because it is a cartoon, in reality there are probably just as many ads around, we are just accostomed to seeing them and dont notice.

70 years without eating, and still alive?

I wrote a paper about pain for my religion and the body class and one of my topics was fasting. it is very interesting how we as westerners think meals are so important and give into eating fast food and are very unhealthy. in religions like hinduism they ultimately want to control their bodies and do not care for material things at all because they believe in achieving higher spiritual goals and not be born again and reincarnated. is it that crazy to think that a person could acutally survive 70 years without eating? how is it possible? maybe we jsut dont know the answer to every question

New Mobile Alerts Owners to their Own Boredom

Thailand Donates 50,000 Bottles of Whitening Skin Cream To Haiti

they thought that the reason hatians were in misery was because of the color of their skin… i think it is more about wher they live and the fact that they dont have as many recources. not because of the color of their skin!

Facebook Partners With eBay to Auction User’s Dignity

ripoffs in the USA

ways video games get you addicted

iconic photos

if you look at the very last picture you will seee a starving boy being watched by a vulture… it is an aweful picture but beautifully captured. the photographer entered it in a competition and won… then committed suicide right after. where is the line between informing the rest of the people on earth and not doing anything to help? this photographer spent  20 minutes to set up the photograph instead of helping the poor boy…how far is too far?

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